2002 07-23/06
Happy Zone: Urban interactions and research for happy moments in Hamburg. Participating at the biennal for young artists ArtGenda in Hamburg at the Projects: Sonde, Hausbesuche, Hall of Fame.
I participated at the artgenda FilmGala with my student short-film "The Definition of Black".
2002 24/04
24 Songs, Landmark Lounge, together with the german performance group meinungsbildungsinstitut and the electro-acustic band male:female, Bergen, live-streaming at the web.
2001 17-18/09
Listen to Your Heart, Fløien Festival for Electronic Music, Bergen.
2001 02-03/10
Lost Highlights Meteor Theatre Festival, BIT Teatergarasjen.
2000 27/06
The Spectacle, BBB, Urban Intervention, Bologna.
2000 02/12
Play This, BIT Teatergarasjen
2000 17/02
Social Message Sickness, BIT Teatergarasjen.
1999 3/11
Message in a Bottle, BIT Teatergarasjen.
Therese Solbakken